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The Strategic Vision represents the Orpe Human Rights Advocates’ reflection on its needs and priorities, based on a landscape assessment of what the next decade will bring. Also, it's the Executive Committee’s articulation of how OHRA as an organization wants to develop over the five-year period between 2020 to 2025 in order to meet new and emerging responsibilities. The main components of OHRA Strategic Vision are: 

  • Promote a  Global Framework of Defense of Human Dignity - Address Current and Emerging Challenges

  • Grow a Global Movement of Light Shiners and the Order for Restoring Peace on Earth

  • Promote a Framework of Programs Deemed to Empower People Living in Poverty to Become Out of Poverty

  • Leverage Technology to Trigger Change

  • Build Effective Partners

  • Transform OHRA to Address Internal Challenges

  • Maximize the Value of OHRA by Enabling Quality, Timely  Service Delivery

  • Govern Effectively

  • Increase our Donors and Grow our Resources

  • Build New Constituencies and Renewing Membership

  • Invest in Human Capital, Volunteers, Staff, Leadership, and Systems

  • Promote Active Participation by Members and Supporters

  • Respond Effectively to Emergency Challenges and Opportunities

  • Communicating Effectively

In order to realize the priorities of the Strategic Vision, a series of domestic, regional and cross-cutting strategies are being developed, which can be found in the OHRA strategic plan 2020-2025. These strategies articulate the means through which OHRA will further develop and prioritize programming, and strengthen the organization. These are further complemented by OHRA’s Strategic Results Framework, which will support OHRA’s results-based reporting on the Vision itself, as well as overarching frameworks, including its contribution to a Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and its strategy of Restoring Peace on Earth as promoted by the Order for Restoring Peace on Earth (O.R.P.E.).

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