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Experts on Mission

Persons, other than officials of the Organization, who are entrusted with tasks requiring professional expertise by the President, or by the Executive Committee, or by an organ of the ORPE, may be accorded the status of experts on mission under the ORPE Charter. Whether this requires an explicit or implied decision of the Executive Committee of ORPE. ORPE will offer privileges, protection and a framework of security to experts on mission because it was foreseen that they would often operate away from ORPE premises. However, these privileges and protections are enjoyed in the interests of the ORPE. If any incident is asserted against a third party alleging damage by the expert, a remedy must be provided by the ORPE to finally dispose of the substance of the claim. This ensures that the ORPE is accountable for such acts. The Executive Committee will be promulgating regulations to govern the conduct of experts and to ensure that they are held to account for their activities.

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