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What We Do - U.S.

Poverty  Alleviation

People living in poverty, an increasing number of whom are women and children, face deprivation, exclusion, insecurity and voice-lessness. Interrelated issues such as use of OPIOID add up to powerlessness. It is widely accepted that vicious cycle of poverty is the result in part of the lack of adequate education and skills, health issues,  and lack of the opportunities. Orpe Human Rights Advocates is at hard working by promoting vocational programs deemed to move forward communities and programs that move lives from the status of insufficient-income to the status of self-sufficient incomes. We are particularly concerned by homeless people, veterans, and low-income families. 

  • Empowering for Self-Sufficient Income

  • Housing

  • Shelter Services

  • Self-Efficacy Programs

  • Free Legal Services

  • Professional Skills Building

  • Personal Development Skills Building

  • Job Placement/Employment Services

  • Restoring Human Dignity

  • Advocacy

  • Free Legal Services

  • Victims of Human Trafficking

  • Victims of Sexual Assault

  • Victims of Domestic Violence

  • Youth/Child Abuse

  • Immigration Legal Services

  • Victims of Human Rights Abuses

  • Victims of Professional Malpractice

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