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The COVID-19 pandemic is creating unprecedented challenges in our communities. We're working closely with our partners to address the most immediate needs and pressing challenges. By donating today, you're helping us improve lives across the country and around the world.


When human souls are put into slavery, forced labor and human trafficking, their inherent rights are deprived and their dignities are reduced to zero. Because there exists no form of slavery that fosters the improvement of human dignity.  Article 4 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that: No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms.

Human traffickers and slavers are deprived of souls and are criminals who impair human dignity since they claim ownership, labor and/or the humanity of another human being. The common areas of concern that are  human-related to trafficking are:

  • The prohibition of discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, language, religion, political or another opinion, national or social origin, property, birth, or another status;

  • The right to life;

  • The right to liberty and security;

  • The right not to be submitted to slavery, servitude, forced labor or bonded labor;

  • The right not to be subjected to torture and/or cruel, inhuman, degrading treatment or punishment;

  • The right to be free from gendered violence;

  • The right to freedom of association;

  • The right to freedom of movement;

  • The right to the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health;

  • The right to just and favorable conditions of work;

  • The right to an adequate standard of living;

  • The right to social security; and

  • The right of children to special protection.


Together, we can advance a world driven by a power of light where lives are protected against unfair dominations and against human rights abuses


The quest for restoring peace on earth is closely related to its inhabitants' ability to cope with natural laws, and the rules that govern human rights....Edward-t Moises.

The central goal of Orpe Human Rights Advocates' actions remains in advancing interests of underprivileged and distressed people whose fundamental rights are being impaired. The movement is expected to contribute in the advancement of respect of human rights as embodied in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of December 10, 1948.

You are invited to joint the movement of God's servants. We are part of worldwide servants entrusted with the mission of fulfilling divine mandate of shining light in the midst of darkness:

  • We instill love and promote the spirit of truth.

  • We defend and restore human dignity.

  • We advocate for the cause of those who cannot assert their own fundamental rights.

  • We empower lives in poverty out of poverty.

  • We stand up against injustice and impunity.

  • We inspire unity and promote peace where division and conflict cohabit.

  • We minister for the Restoration of Peace on Earth.

  • We are a worldwide movement of Restoring Peace on Earth - composed of members like you dedicated to advocating for inducing light in the systems, releasing humanity from false idols, and inducing truth in the world so citizens of the world could be saved.

From human rights abuses, crisis prevention to community empowerment, we defend the cause of oppressed, underprivileged, distressed, and people living in poverty. We campaign for the induction of the light in the systems, abolition of false idols, and induction of the spirit of truth so the peace of the world could be restored.

Pray, write a letter, volunteer, donate, and speak out against human rights abuses

According to the observation made by Dr. Edward-t Moises, the foundation for Restoring Peace on Earth is closely related to its inhabitants' ability to observe the natural laws and the rules that govern human rights.  Natural laws are rules that operate under divine principles. These laws started at the beginning of the world. Human rights are part of natural laws. If we citizens of the world, would have raised our consciousness and elect to observe natural laws and human rights laws, we possibly would escape God's roughness; and peace would have been restored on Earth. At its odds, since inhabitants of the Earth have voluntarily been refusing to observe divine laws in which human rights draw their foundations, the peace of the world is becoming more and more unreachable. As a result, world citizens are now being exposed to all kinds of calamities of which include the COVID-19 pandemic, tsunamis, and all forms of the turbulences that have been striking and threatening the peace of the world.


Observed Human Rights will:

  • Secure peace, deter aggression

  • Promote rule of law

  • Combat crime and corruption

  • Strengthens democracies

  • Prevent humanitarian crises

Against Inhuman and Degrading Treatments:

  • Serious physical assault

  • Psychological interrogations

  • Cruel and barbaric detention conditions or restraints

  • Serious psychological abuses physical or in a health setting

  • Threatening to torture someone

  • Torture

  • Forced labors including children labors

  • Exploring children

Defending Liberty, and Justice:

  • Free speech

  • Civil and political rights

  • Against discrimination

Defending Human Dignity:

  • Promoting actions that empower lives living in poverty to become economically self-sufficient

  • The rights of refugees, and asylum seekers

  • Human trafficking

  • Encourage universal jurisdiction and the idea of subjecting into accountability actors who engage in acts that violate international human rights law.


Persecuted Christ-Chine2.jpeg

Even in the midst of COVID-19, rogue states continue to perform persecutions on Christians. From China, Sudan, Christians are facing extreme persecution. Orpe Human Rights Advocates continues to campaign against human rights abuses around the world. More than 50 countries engaged in darkness activities of persecuting Christians.

It was proved that the status of women and girls worldwide still under assault. According to the International Labour Organization, 11.4 million women and girls are victims of forced labor in different forms – including debt bondage, trafficking and forced prostitution. As global leaders seek to improve the status of women and girls, it’s critical to focus on decreasing women and girls’ exploitation in forced labor, trafficking and slavery.

When women and girls are enslaved or trafficked, they do not have access to programs aimed at women’s equality and development.  

  • Trafficked and enslaved women and girls oftentimes do not attend school. Many times these women and girls are illiterate.

  • Trafficked and enslaved women and girls face gross sexual violence, whether in forced prostitution, forced marriage or during forced physical labor.

  • Trafficked and enslaved women and girls are subject to domestic violence.

  • Trafficked and enslaved women and girls do not have access to reproductive and maternal health. The physical and sexual abuse of their exploitation leads to many early pregnancies, forced abortions and exposure to HIV and other diseases.

  • Trafficked and enslaved women and girls do not have access to healthcare.

  • Trafficked and enslaved women and girls often face critical malnutrition.

  • Trafficked and enslaved women and girls do not have access to anti-poverty programs, micro-loa

Is it possible restoring peace on the earth without rule of law being observed? 


The concept of rule of law continues to be at the center of the global agenda of development. Experts see in rule law as a path to good governance, democracy, and growth. But we still observe remarkably that rule of law are still being violated by state and non--state actors, increasing the risk of people living in poverty, conflicts, people in move including internally displaced people, refugees, and political instabilities in various nations.


The United Nations has set a 2030 agenda for reducing poverty to an acceptable level. Is this ambitious goal attainable without rule of law being respected in nations? We still see rogue states in the form of Russia who delves to use military supremacy to impose  will to a sovereign state for the purpose of exercising control over particular sphere of influence; is this the right course of promoting rule of law and furthering the UN 2030 agenda? Similarly, China's thirsty of  willingness of becoming the world number one power,  is its ambition conform with the foundations of principles based on the respect of human rights as embodied in the Universal Declaration of human Rights of 1948?


Therefore, seeking to provide answer to the above stated question is empirically drawing on the current facts dominating the international  relations and, being able to draw on the observation that the international security is being threatened or not. Knowing that where rule of law is threatened, the international security is also threatened, it is fair to argue that the peace of the world is becoming more and more complicate and the hope of attaining world peace strictly depends to the human being's ability of observing the laws that govern the universe including human rights laws, divine rules or the rule according to higher law. At the odds of observing the principle of rule in accordance to higher law, no hope available for Restoring Peace on Earth.

                                     Edward-T Moises

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